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Pleasantly sweet with a creamy texture - macadamia is rich in essential minerals (e.g. calcium, phosphorus, iron, copper, manganese) to improve bone and brain health. Although it has the highest fat content amongst other nuts, it mostly consists of monounsaturated fats that reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome. In fact, macadamia is the only nut containing omega-7 that helps in speeding up fat metabolism thus reducing the body’s ability to store fat. Delightfully tasting, nutritious, and waist-friendly - what’s not to love about it?!

Health benefits


- Promote healthy brain function

- Strengthen bone and teeth

- Regulate blood pressure

- Lower cholesterol level

Nutrition facts (per 100g)

- Energy: 503 kcal

- Total Fat: 22.5 g

- Carbohydrate: 67.4 g

- Protein: 7.6 g


Raw macadamia

Consumption method

Enjoy it raw as a snack, blend it to make your own nut butter, use it as breakfast or salad topping, or lightly toast it with other nuts and seeds to make a scrumptious granola.

Storage tip

Keep it in an airtight container under cool and dry condition, away from direct sunlight. To prolong its shelf life, it is best to store it in the fridge for safe and fresh consumption.  

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